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Sisteen Seven (SOLD)

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Sisteen Seven (SOLD) Empty Sisteen Seven (SOLD)

Post by Docile Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:35 pm

Character: Sisteen Seven
Link or Character Sheet: Sisteen Seven Link
Asking Price: 5,000

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Sisteen Seven (SOLD) Empty Re: Sisteen Seven (SOLD)

Post by EnglishDubsDuff Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:55 am


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Sisteen Seven (SOLD) Empty Re: Sisteen Seven (SOLD)

Post by Docile Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:19 pm

Here is Sisteen Seven's Character Sheet

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]General Information[/font][/b][/color][/size]

[color=White][b]Name[/b][/color]: Sisteen Seven
[color=White][b]Epithet[/b][/color]: [i]"[color=White]Sinner[/color]"[/i]
[color=White][b]Age[/b][/color]: 19
[color=White][b]Gender[/b][/color]: Female
[color=White][b]Birthplace[/b][/color]: North Blue
[color=White][b]Species[/b][/color]: Human
[color=White][b]Orientation[/b][/color]: Right Handed
[color=White][b]Theme Tune[/b][/color]: [url=]Bond - Explosive[/url]
[color=White][b]Crew[/b][/color]: The Behemoth Pirates
[color=White][b]Ship[/b][/color]: The Ignatius
[color=White][b]Occupation[/b][/color]: Marksman | Tactician | Saboteur
[color=White][b]Bounty[/b][/color]: [img][/img] 0
[color=White][b]Crimes Committed[/b][/color]: N/A
[color=White][b]Allegiance[/b][/color]: Pirate
• Become the most skilled soldier in the world
• Become notorious
• Attend an opera

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]Character Information[/font][/b][/color][/size]

[spoiler=Behemoth Pirates Jolly Roger][center][img][/img][/center][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Sisteen Seven's Traditional Attire][center][img][/img][/center][/spoiler]

Sisteen stands at a height of 5ft 5 with blonde hair which hangs down and reaches just below her chin. It curls towards the ends. Her eyes are an almost silvery blue and rather large whilst her nose is petite and lips thin. She has yellowish skin along with very dark brown eye brows and a few scars over her body from her past. Over her right abdominal muscle has a long stitched scar and over her left shoulder she has a scratch mark from a wild animal. Clothing wise she wears a whit hooded top with a zip down the front. Beneath it she just wears a tight black tank top. On the right breast of her hooded jumper which he usually wears zipped up there is a black jolly roger printed. Over the top of that she wears a holster with her shotgun cartridges in it. Her trousers she wears dark blue pants with a holster stretching down her right thigh which holds her Allocen in it. Her shotgun known as the Abaddon she usually wears slung over her back as it is much easier to carry around that way. Hanging from her belt which can't be seen but is black with golden trims on either side are three black grenades with a golden stripe around the middle. She often wears this attire but has been known to alter it from time to time undoing the top to reveal her tank top or even removing it sometimes. Other times instead of wearing a hooded jumper she'll wear a white shirt with the same jolly roger mark on it or pull her hood up on the hooded jumper. In much colder climates she always wears the hooded jumper with thermals & black fur lined gloves. 


[b][color=Pink]Sisteen The Lustful[/color][/b]
Sisteen has been known to be a rather lustful person. However in terms of lust she doesn't often flirt as she isn't very good at it. She'll often say or do something stupid by accident to ruin the mood. However she has been known that when she does like the look of somebody she will pick on them and act horrible to them but due to her acting like that the majority of the time is hard to tell the difference. Like a man she just wants one thing and its the same as a man wants. Has a fear of commitment as she's not the type of person who can stick to one and only one person. She likes to have options and not shackles.

[b][color=Purple]Sisteen The Greedy[/color][/b]
You can never tell Sisteen too much of something is a bad thing as she will often reply with abusive behavior. In her eyes there is never enough. She loves material objects and even if she can't carry it she'll do what she can to take it even if it means coming back for it or having a stranger help her. No matter what if she likes it or wants it she'll have it. Which is possibly what leads to her having a rather varied collection of things which she decorates with. She will happily take a statue that she doesn't know anything about if she likes the look of it. It doesn't matter if she doesn't have the room for it because if she wants it she'll take it. Her greed knows no bounds.

[b][color=Gold]Sisteen The Proud[/color][/b]
Sisteen is an incredibly proud woman in her abilities. She sees herself as someone who has something to prove to men as gunslinging is a masculine thing. She likes to prove them wrong and best them. She knows she is skilled and better than allot of people and doesn't like giving into defeat. If there's a job to do that involves her marksman ship she will complete it. Her hands are her favorite part of her own body due to their capabilities and how good she is with them. She can often be quite intimidating due to how perfectionist she can get over her weaponry & dexterity.

[b][color=Red]Sisteen The Wrathful[/color][/b]
Cross Sisteen and you will be in trouble.

Normally not an angry character Sisteen does have a temper. There is one thing in the world she loves more than her guns and that is classical music and it is even a dream of hers to see an opera as she loves the way it sounds and even loves to listen to it especially if she is in the middle of a fight as it helps calm her down and think about how awesome she looks walking away from things like an exploding building. But if anyone takes the piss out of her love of classical music they will regret it as have previous people. The last person of whom met a grizzy end at the hands of a pack of wolves. Thankfully he was a scum bag pirate anyway.

[b][color=Green]Sisteen The Envious[/color][/b]
Sisteen isn't all that much envious unless its over something expensive or rare. As she likes to collect strange things when she sees someone else with it she has a bad habit of stealing it from them or just plain taking it because she wants it. Her envy leads more into wrath or bold moves as she doesn't like the idea of being without. In her head its other people will be without not me. I get what I want because I deserve it. (Even though most of the time she really doesn't.)

[b][color=Blue]Sisteen The Slothful[/color][/b]
Rarely lazy Sisteen is often seen doing something active. However in the incidence when she has been lazy it will often be when she is sleeping. She tends to sleep for long hours but in exchange is awake for long hours so it all levels out. But waking her up is an act punishable by death or extreme torture. She does not like being woken up as her sleep is important to her. It helps her function and without it she may as well give up on her dream of becoming the world's most skilled soldier.

[b][color=Purple]Sisteen The Glutton[/color][/b]
The only times Sisteen has even been seen as a glutton is after long periods when she hasn't been eating. Such as if she hasn't eaten for an entire day she will gorge herself on food and eat at least 3-4 people's worth. Otherwise she isn't much of a glutton and can easily function on an average person's meal.

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]Character History[/font][/b][/color][/size]


[i][color=White]The Navy[/color][/i]

Born on a corrupt island in the North Blue Sisteen was raised by a tailor and a seaman recruit. Her father had only joined the marines as it was a good job. However with the birth of Sisteen the family would struggle a little. It would mean less sleep, less money and more mouths to feed. However this wasn't something that would be too problematic for Sisteen's father he would just need a promotion or to find other ways of making money. It was difficult for a while before he landed a second job. This job allowed them to gain much more money but unfortunately gave her father less time at home. Sisteen's mother had to raise her and look after her single handedly as her husband was rarely home due to working days & nights.

Growing quickly exhausted Sisteen's father started to hear about soldiers in the Navy extorting people in the town out of protection money. This wasn't something he liked the sound of, but upon hearing how lucrative it was he couldn't turn it down. He'd had enough of working two jobs which kept him away from his family. Joining the soldiers one night to extort and get his fair share for his job he gathered a small fortune within a month which made his life style much easier especially with looking after Sisteen. Her parents managed to raise her well and father was able to see Sisteen and raise her like a proper father should be able to. However when Richmond, Sisteen's father was seen in town people shunned him and the family. They didn't like him as they knew what he'd been doing.

Feeling their eyes watching him and the hatred being projected his way he felt guilt rising in him. He grew to dislike it over the month but at the end of that month he decided he wouldn't continue. He couldn't, it wasn't fair, nice or even right. His family were hated for his weak actions. He watched as other soldiers did so and even the leader of the naval base. It was beginning to get ridiculous. Watching as this continued the citizens started to moan about it on a daily basis Richmond included. Even though he wasn't being extorted he was getting angry about it and started to speak about knocking them down a peg out of anger.

However one person took it personally and to heart. It sounded like a good idea. Why don't we knock them down a peg? With the Navy committing a crime all they needed was to push them off of the island and report this crime to their superiors. Forming a small rebellion over time Richmond watched them grow but felt it would be wrong to mention it to the Navy as he agreed with them on several terms. But as he was a Marine he was loyal to the Navy. He wouldn't join nor defend. He would sit on the fence and wait for the outcome. Waiting to see who would win and what his future would be like Richmond watched as the town's folk tore the navy apart bit by bit. Running them out of the the town and off of the island the town's folk rejoiced. No longer needing to live in fear the town was free of the naval strong hold and could live free.

[i][color=White]The Military[/color][/i]

Seventeen years later whilst Sisteen was now eighteen she had joined up with the local military. She joined as a simple recruit in the hopes of following in her father's foot steps. She was raised being told her father worked to protect the island and believed that he was a member of this army. Growing up and advancing her skills as a soldier she was handed a rifle and trained with it. Proving to be quite the natrual in the firing range she quickly became noticed by a superior who needed more marksmen. Asking Sisteen if she would like to join his division she eagerly replied with a yes. if she was honest she was just happy to be excelling at something. Shooting ahead and managing to make herself the best marksman she in the team she was quickly dismissed as the best when the leader stepped in. Taking the same shots as her at the targets with a revolver instead of a rifle he quickly started making sexist slurs towards her about his marksman ship and how much better his was. At first it didn't bother her but after a while it really started getting to her and quickly became a huge annoyance.

Training day & night to become as good as him she started pushing herself further and further. It really irked her how he could be better than her when she put so much effort in. During her nights in the barracks she would sleep listening to music of all kinds. It helped soothe her mind and relax her. Well the soothing types. As a sudden piece of classical music begun she suddenly felt an air of happiness about her and couldn't help but smile. She closed her eyes and lay her head back. Never had her head felt more clear. Tapping along to it she reached for a dart left on the table by the drunkrds in the bar who'd been playing darts and she took aim at the dart board. Despite it being way out of her way and not a clear shot she took a deep breath and then took aim. Throwing the dart she watched as it sailed towards the dart board and landed in he bullseye.

Smiling she picked up the rest and tossed them towards the dart board whilst the classic music played on. She managed to hit the bullseye or near enough each and every time. Realizing that classical music helped her she took to the ranges again this time. With classical music on a tone dial. She would hit a perfect score every time. Storming the range and hitting a bullseye every time she watched as the targets were falling knowing she could do no wrong with a gun.

As the months passed and each new threat presented itself she started to enjoy the destruction she brought to the doors of the criminals who dared step up against them. Shooting them down and bringing them to their knees she loved every second of it. As time went on and the island grew they became noticed. A large pirate ship attempted to take the island. Docking in Sisteen's home town on the shore she had something to say about it as did the rest of their military forces. Throwing themselves into an all out war with them she quickly got to work on sabotaging their ships. Removing the anchors and allowing them to sail far out into the blue with a bomb strapped aboard she watched as the ships sailed and exploded in the distance. It wasn't the first time she'd done something like this.

Now it was just an extermination. Exterminate the remaining pirates. Heading into the town she quickly got to work on eliminating as many as she could. Placing Abaddon towards the last pirate as he lay on the floor in agony she squeezed out a shot and blew his head clean off with her shotgun. She didn't know what had changed in her but some thing felt different. During the next few crimes committed and attempts to capture them, Sisteen seemed more violent towards them. Bashing their heads in with Abaddon's butt or even constantly punching them until they were a bloody mess. She didn't seem herself anymore. As she looked over the bloody beaten criminal she'd nearly killed Sisteen realized that she was no longer a soldier and not fit for service. Their job was to ensure the safety of the people. At this rate Sisteen wasn't sure she could ensure her own safety let alone theirs.

Heading out she took Abaddon with her against the military orders. She couldn't serve as a soldier but there were other jobs out there for skilled marksmen.

[i][color=White]The Mercenaries[/color][/i]

After leaving her home town Sisteen went in search of odd jobs she could do. People needed jobs to be done right? She could accomplish an amazing feat of jobs just people didn't know it. At least not at first. It was hard to get into being a hired gun until opportunity came a knocking. She intervened when a man was being robbed. Being spotted she was asked to help out the man who was being robbed. He wanted to hunt down his ex-wife who'd run off with his family jewels. Agreeing Sisteen helped the man find his wife. Although the finding was mostly the man's doing it was Sisteen who finished off his ex-wife and returned the jewels. It was a start but quickly after this word spread that if a job needed doing Sisteen was the woman for the job.

Again she did run into several male mercenaries who made mention that she couldn't be better or just as good as them. Unfortunately for them she managed to prove them wrong. There was still someone out there though that had been better than her and it bugged the crap out of her. She'd beat him one day. Whilst on a job working with two mercenaries she watched as their fighting styles complimented each other's so well. She felt almost useless. Until of course the final execution to which she was the one to pull the trigger. A fast trigger finger's just as good. Receiving payment from the job she made a point of having the Allocen constructed for her use. It was a weapon that combined the qualities of an arrow & a needle. It could be fired or used for close combat. Just what she needed.

Rushing off to use it in her next job she managed to use just the Allocen and not even touch the Abaddon as she didn't even need it. She was proud of herself and even more so proud of what she'd become. From her time in the military she'd learnt how to become a skilled marksman, from her time as a mercenary she'd learnt how to become tactful and from both she'd learnt how to sabotage others. It was good to know how to do this for a number of reasons. With sabotage in mind she knew how to stop others from getting her jobs and more to the point how to stop people from escaping. There was only a few things in life she was missing. But out of all those things there was only a few things she wanted.

Even though she was a mercenary she was still human too.


• [color=White][b]Tactician[/b][/color]:
Working within the military and then as a mercenary Sisteen had to adapt and learn to use her skills from when in larger groups to smaller groups to solo. This pushed her to plan her attacks much more in terms of location, tools & time. Due to this she has become an excellent tactician with a good eye for detail and knows how to use what she has and each person's skill to the best.

• [color=White][b]Saboteur[/b][/color]:
Working as a mercenary she learnt how to sabotage people as it provides an effective way of stalling someone in which she has had to do a few times in order to keep the targets busy or bring them to their knees. As a useful skill she often uses it as a black mail technique or even a warning or threat as it is a clear and easy way of sending the far of God into them without the effort of torture.

• [color=White][b]Marksmanship[/b][/color]:
Using firearms her entire career she has grown accustomed to having them in her life and quickly grown attached to them to the point where her ability with them is of a professional level. She knows how to use firearms to gain their fullest potential out of them. Her favorite however is her shotgun as it does the job quickly which is what is required. Gun are made to make a job quick from a distance.

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]Inventory[/font][/b][/color][/size]

[color=White][b]Weapon Name[/b]:[/color] Abaddon

[color=White][b]Description[/b]: [/color] Abaddon is a shotgun as seen in the picture above. Abaddon has the Behemoth pirate crew imprinted on the right hand side of the butt. The shotgun is just like any other regular shotgun with the exception of belonging to Sisteen and being with her throughout the majority of her life as a soldier and mercenary. It has a black strap attached to it on the side allowing for Abaddon  to hang from Sisteen's back when not in use.

[color=White][b]Weapon History[/b]:[/color] The Abaddon comes from Sisteen's days back as a soldier. The island she grew up on was kept under Marine rule and as time went on they begun to show their true colours when they realized how much they could get away with. Corruption set in and as it did so the citizens suffered at the hands of the rebellious Marine leader. Charging everyone for protection money and taking whatever he liked without question it was only so long before a rebellion would brake out. Time took its toll on the poor people of the island and they raised up against the Navy.

Storming the fortress and bringing the fort to their knees the citizens not only took the Marines down but removed all traces of them from the island. They were informed that this meant the island would no longer be under Naval protection to which they agreed to look after it themselves no longer wishing to suffer at the hands of the Navy's corruption. With the island setting up their own forces Sisteen signed up to help and be part of this military force. Through joining Sisteen was presented with her own firearm to only be carried around whilst on duty. She loved this fire arm and found that with them acting as the new services on the island it came in handy protecting the citizens against bandits. She quickly made a name for herself and started to reveal herself even more and more when she got caught up in even bigger fights with people. Eventually after a large war where a pirate crew attempted to take over the island she fought hard to stop them as did everyone the military forces managed to drive the pirate's from the island. However Sisteen started to suffer after what she'd seen. Something in her brain seemed to snap. She had enjoyed the destruction too much and had developed a taste for it. Attempting to keep a lid on this she continued to serve within military confines for a few more months before finally she broke and realized she was no longer fit for this life.

Leaving she was requested to leave Abaddon  for another recruit but couldn't bring herself to do so. Instead she decided that she would leave on her own terms and ran away in the dark of night with Abaddon on her back and to be forever at her side.

[color=White][b]Special Weapon Abilities[/b]:[/color]
• Abaddon has no special abilities.

[color=White][b]Weapon Name[/b]:[/color] Allocen

[color=White][b]Description[/b]: [/color] The Allocen is a steel arrow which is needle thin and has small tufts on the end to allow flight better however no arrow head as the tip is just pointed. The Allocen itself is roughly a foot and a half in length and sits in a specially crafted holster for it on her right thigh made out of leather. The Allocen is perfect for close combat stealthy kills or even firing from an actual bow should she get the chance to get her hands on one.

[color=White][b]Weapon History[/b]:[/color] The Allocen was crafted during Sisteen's career as a mercenary. She discovered a need to be stealthy in close combat and distanced combat. During a job where she was attempting to kidnap a king Sisteen was working with three other unknown mercenaries one of whom had arrows and another who had a short steel spear. She watched marveled at how the two worked so well together especially how the spear took down enemies so well from afar & close up as well its many other capabilities. Astonished by this she watched how the archer took down each opponent with ease from the shadows.

Loving the way it looked as it reminded her of dancing from when she was little Sisteen came up with the idea of combining the two after the job. With her paycheck for the job the other two may as well have done without her she asked a blacksmith to create such a weapon for her. He happily obliged with the large sum of money which was offered to him. He couldn't say no. Once he crafted the weapon and handed it off to Sisteen she begun practice with it and still carries it with her today just in case. Its better to be prepared than not.

[color=White][b]Special Weapon Abilities[/b]:[/color]

• [b][color=White]Needle Thin[/color][/b]
Due to this weapon being needle thin it does fly through the air well along with the tufts on the end making it similar to an arrow. It also allows clean very precise kills and requires little to space too making it a very easy weapon to maneuver with.

• [b][color=White]Steel[/color][/b]
Constructed from steel the Allocen is rather strong and capable of taking allot of punishment as well as dealing it out too.

[color=White][b]Weapon Name[/b]:[/color] 3x Black Grenades

[color=White][b]Description[/b]: [/color] These grenades are regular to normal grenades in terms of blast radius, power & even the way they work. The only difference is that these grenades have a different appearance due to the military's colour scheme. Thus these grenades are black with a golden trim around the middle.

[color=White][b]Weapon History[/b]:[/color] During her years working as a soldier for her home in the years starting her life Sisteen stole a crate of grenades. All black with thin golden trims around the middle as per the military's colours. These grenades were made specially for the military once they properly made themselves a functioning force.

[color=White][b]Special Weapon Abilities[/b]:[/color]
• The Black Grenades have no special ability

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]Power Level Information[/font][/b][/color][/size]

[blur]★[/blur] [color=White][b]Character Strength[/b][/color]: Trained
[blur]★[/blur] [color=White][b]Character Speed[/b][/color]: Trained
[blur]★[/blur] [color=White][b]Character Resilience[/b][/color]: Trained
[blur]★[/blur] [color=White][b]Character Dexterity[/b][/color]: Advanced

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]Devil Fruit Information[/font][/b][/color][/size]

[strike][color=White][b]Devil Fruit Name[/b][/color]:
[color=White][b]Devil Fruit Type[/b][/color]:
[color=White][b]Devil Fruit Mastery Level[/b][/color]:
[color=White][b]Devil Fruit Abilities[/b][/color]:
[color=White][b]Devil Fruit Progression[/b][/color]: [/strike]

[center][size=18][color=White][b][font=Linux Biolinum G]Combat Information[/font][/b][/color][/size]

[color=White][b]Unarmed Combat[/b][/color]

[color=White][b]Weapon Based Combat[/b][/color]:

[b][color=White]Cluster Fuck![/color][/b]
Grabbing hold of all of her grenades Sisteen throws all three of them in at the same time. However her fingers loop the pins and she casts her arm forward allowing the grenades to unleash themselves.

[b][color=White]Bottom's Up[/color][/b]
Swinging Abaddon around hitting her opponent in the chin with the butt he knocks them out of her way and as Sisteen takes a shot at her opponent pumping them full of lead.

[b][color=White]Allocen's Kiss[/color][/b]
Sweeping the Allocen side ways into her opponent's legs from behind she knocks them on to their knees before withdrawing it and stabbing the tip into their necks.

[b][color=White]Inferno Hook[/color][/b]
Hooking a grenade on her opponent Sisteen rips the pin out and quickly makes her exit whilst the grenade blows up her opponent.

[b][color=White]Tactical Roller[/color][/b]
Slowly & lazily bowling a grenade with the pin still in towards her opponent Sisteen removes Abaddon from her back and fires at the grenade causing it to explode as it reaches her opponent. This technique is often used in two parts rolling the grenade followed by dealing with something or someone else and finally blown up after dealing with something else.

[b][color=White]Green Eyed Monster[/color][/b]
Using her Allocen, Sisteen whacks her opponent around the face with it mainly aiming for the eyes temporarily blinding them before she stabs the Allocen through the back of their head between the eyes.

[b][color=White]Starving Swine[/color][/b]
Shoving Abaddon's barrel into her opponent's body or face Sisteen pulls the trigger and blows a large hole in them.

Sprinting towards her opponent Sisteen slides on the floor towards her opponent but slightly to either side of them. This may be done on multiple opponents at a time and as she passes by them she uses her Allocen to rip open any storage bags they have on them and catches everything that falls out robbing them. As she reaches the end she turns around crouching with Abaddon and takes out her target.

[strike][color=White][b]Devil Fruit Based Combat[/b][/color]:[/strike]


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