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Not all treasure is gold and jewels (open)

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Not all treasure is gold and jewels (open) Empty Not all treasure is gold and jewels (open)

Post by Sweet Dreams Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:10 pm

West blue,not often thought to hold great treasures,but lately there has been a rumor going around one of its islands. It is said hidden away behind trees and bushes of a forest that sat at the edge of a certain village of one of the islands stood a house that held a secret treasure,but if one were to find it they would easily see that the charred rotted remains of the building hadn't been lived in for decades.

Large chunks of roofing and wood laid scattered everywhere looking as if a bomb went off,a large dark hole was in the middle of the floor in the very back room,the trap door that hid it laid near by looking as if it had been ripped or blow off,by the looks of the broken twisted hinges. Once entering the dark hole it would be revealed to be the entrance of an underground tunnel that split off into an entire network of tunnels many of which lead to dead ends due to cave-ins. The walls and floors covered in rusted metal that long ago must of been shiny and new,the long network of cables and wires that once crawled along the ceiling were hanging low broken a few still sparked lightly casting a flicker and shifting light along the dark tunnels.Many of these dead ends had skeletons leaning against the rubble and walls, a many of them wore old fashion marines outfits of different ranks but a few looked to be of pirates and thieves,people who had gotten lost and died looking for this treasure.

At the end of one of the tunnels it opened up to a large circular room that looked the be a inventors space at one time but the soot covered walls,charred and half melted metals  laid throw about,what once had been a table and chairs laid shattered as if something heavy had landed on them or riddled with a large amount of bullet sized holes.A large amount of books lined a wall blacked and burned,the titles no longer readable eaten away by the fire and time that so hungrily consumed them.

 A nearby door,the once bright blue pint faded and chipped with time stood rusted shut  the small window on it gave a slight view into the next room.An entire wall being taken up by monitors,most cracked or completely shattered and dark but a few that were intact and still somehow had power only showed the fuzz of static,the cameras no longer showing the places they were in. A figure was sitting unmoving slumped over the control panels a old tattered and stained lab coat blocked them from view.

Suddenly the screech of metal filled the quiet lab before a large chuck of the soot and rust covered wall gave away,finally losing its battle with time,only to reveal a doorway leading to a secret room,that unlike everything else looked untouched,a small room just big enough to fit three people only the flickering light from the cables being the only light source in the room. It was empty of all furnishings,a layer of dust covered everything including the girl sitting on the floor,her head tilted to the side,her eyed closed,but her chest wasn't moving,but that didn't mean she wasn't alive,inside her head her mind was starting to wake up,her battery had reached less then five percent,activating her emergency override forcing her to slowly start turning back on. Mizuki was starting to wake up,long codes of data flashed quickly from behind her eye lids,but most of it was ignored do to the flashing low battery warning,to her this was her overdue wake up call.
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