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Vixon Vox

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Vixon Vox Empty Vixon Vox

Post by Docile Tue Feb 23, 2016 9:14 pm

General Information
"Memories Is All I Am"

Name: Vixon Vox
Epithet: "Tango"
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:

Crew: The Dog Ears
Ship: The Playful Griffin
Occupation: Navigator | Inventor
Bounty: Vixon Vox 0mvFA0
Crimes Committed: N/A
Allegiance: Pirates
• See the world
• Defend those who can't defend themselves

Character Information
"Hard Working? I Like To Think Of It As Super Excited"

Jolly Roger:

Traditional Attire:

Vixon stands a full height of 5ft 11 and has a complexion of rather pale skin. She weighs a grand total of 9 and a half stone which is well proportioned. Atop her head is a set of beautifully looked after reddish brown locks of hair which hang down slightly longer on one side than the other along with a fringe which is mostly tucked away beneath a brown beret. A single hair often finds it ways down over her forehead. Vixon wears a set of glasses with wide rounded lenses which have a dark tint to them. Her eyes are rather large and amber in colour. Over her torso Vixon wears a long sleeve orange shirt which fist her body perfectly from every curve to every contour of her torso. The sleeves flare out a little towards the end and over her right wrist over the sleeve she wears a few little brown bracelets and beads which help keep the sleeve closed. Around her neck beneath the frilly part of her orange top she wears a brown scarf and a few more brown beads. Below her bust Vixon is know to wear a brown corset which is held together by a single brown strap and buckle. Over her left hand she wears a single brown gloves which has a few bits missing from it to allow her hand the opportunity to breath whilst working.

Vixon has a set of brown cargo trousers on which are held in place by an orange belt with a circular cross hair style belt buckle. The belt hang at an angle over her hips and the trousers have a large variety of pockets for little bits and bots to do with navigation. A few loose straps which are used to keep specific parts of the trousers either closed such as pockets or tightened up all hang loose everywhere because Vixon never finds time to do them up properly. She wears a pair of black boots beneath the trousers which has a series of buckles leading up them which have steel toe caps beneath the rubber. On her belt towards the back Vixon has the Kneko Tsume which hangs on her belt via a small clip attached to the handle.


Vixon the Drunk

Enjoying a drink or two or maybe three. Vixon is a notorious drunk. When alcoholic drinks are introduced be ready to see a large shipment going Vixon's way and the rest to be spread among the crew. She is a heavy drinker as well as a social drinker. Never alone will she drink unless of course depressed. But company always helps keep her from getting drunk so easily. When in the company of others she tends to find herself in a competition to prove how much she can drink to them even if she doesn't realize it. Vixon can be quite a loud and brash drunk who won't take no for an answer as yes is the only word which suddenly exists. She doesn't ever allow alcohol to give her beer goggles but does allow it to provide her with a horrid tongue of truth which cannot be turned off till she sobers up again.

Vixon the Dreamer

Spending many nights staring skywards not only did Vixon learn of patterns and many discover a way to predict the weather but she also spent many years dreaming. Shooting stars which raced one another back and forth set a dreamer in her. With big dreams and full of hope Vixon has a rare and unique quality which is not seeing any dream of anyone's as ridiculous or even too tough. She looks at all dreams as a possibility despite how impossible they might be. This is the one thing which pushes her to complete her own goals and push herself further than most even when she hasn't been asked. Some people say that it makes her seem very dumb as nothing is impossible and she'll believe anything but she thinks it makes her determination greater than that of others which to a degree it really does.

Vixon the Navigator

Working hard to learn what the tools she had gotten her hands on were for, Vixon picked up navigation very quickly, but mastering it is something else entirely different which she knew she would have to spend years doing. But she knew for a fact that the best practice she could ask for would be on the great sea up ahead instead of on the same island her entire life. Not as dumb as people think Vixon is a hard worker who won't let anything get into her way. Even whilst waiting for her next order she'd more likely be plotting out other courses, trying to design new inventions or trying her hardest to draw up a map or something that would indicate where she was to herself so she could document it for her journeys. Because there was nothing worse than not scrap booking your journey.

Character History


Born into a family of alcoholics, petty thieves and jail house snitches Vixon Vox was born running and screaming into this world ready to find her feet, her fortune and pick up a drink or two along the way. She quickly picked up the traits of her family and become just like any one of them. Being born as the youngest and firs girl into the group she had been given a challenge from the get go. With alcoholic mother Prudence and fish monger part time alcoholic father Sven fathering six boys and one girl she was alone in this world as a girl.

Her older brothers had picked up the pick pocketing trade and they were good at it. Pulling off quick lifts, sophisticated lifts to get away with more than a mere two or three wallets. The boys were lifting a good four hundred Beli a day. Which was more than enough to feed mom and dad's drinking habbits specially since dad worked too bringing home dinner (Fish!) and some pay as well. He was the one who'd taught the boys and it was time he taught Vixon who wasn't as skilled in the art of stealing. In fact she was so bad she got caught nine times and was found every time back at the police station where she was scolded for stealing along with her father who was scolded by the officers for not raising her properly.

Alas with her nimble fingers useless for stealing they decided she'd make a better distraction for the marks. A young crying girl who was sweet as punch could make anyone's heart weep right?

The play would be for Vixon to wander the streets crying, fall over in front of someone and when they crouch down to help Vixon up and ask why she's crying her brother's would clean their pockets and be on their way, once she got to her feet she'd then tell the mark how her parents wouldn't let her have a specific toy and she'd make her way to another block to avoid bumping into the same person again. And believe it or not, it worked. It worked really well.

In the small town people were suckers and that was all they needed. Suckers to feed a family of nine. As Vixon's ninth birthday rolled round she was ready to rob another mark in order to raise the money for her present. One for reaching another year older and two for doing such a good job with the theft. She still hadn't developed a delicate touch which would aid pick pocketing but she was still adorable and looked young enough for people to want to help her. Falling to her knees and crying as hit the floor the mark approached. The mark being a young woman wrapped up in thick brown cloak to keep her warm during the winter.

Bending down to help the young girl she held an expression of concern over her face. Vixon smiled a little beneath her fringe as her head was bowed and as the lady offered her hand Vixon grabbed it being picked up. The mark would be penniless now and Vixon could get herself a present of her choice. As Vixon tried to excuse herself with the tried and tested excuse of her parents being meanies, the lady held firm on to Vixon's hand.

"Show them to me, I feel they could do with a good talking to. No good parent would allow their child to wander the streets like this, nor should a child's clothing stink so heavily of alcohol."

Frozen in that moment Vixon realized she was in trouble. Her brain panicked. As she had started to think of a way out she noticed her brothers running away with the loot leaving her. Her broken heart spoke before her brains could end the excuse to her lips. "HEY!" turning to see what Vixon was shouting at the lady spotted the brother's vanishing into the bushes. She smiled and turned back to Vixon. b]"I do hope those boys weren't friends of yours."[/b] the lady said waiting for Vixon to reply to which her response was one of shock. "Why? What have they got?!" Releasing a large smile over her face the lady spoke. "Itching powder." laughing Vixon realized this was probably a lesson to learn from and not to be on the receiving end of. "Now c'mon, take me to your parents, I think I have an offer for your family which could be quite lucrative." puzzled Vixon questioned what the word lucrative meant in her head nine times before figuring ti was worth asking along the walk home to meet her parents and offer them a 'lucrative' offer as the lady had said.

It meant that the offer could provide them with allot of money.

Vixon could see her brothers were all sitting on the old torn couch in the living room in their underwear covered in red marks from where they'd been scratching. They weren't best pleased to see the stranger again and even invited her in with hisses at the door. Vixon led the stranger right to her parents who sat in old red arm chairs with a bottle in their hands. A cough and two smashes later the strange lady had made her presence known in the Vox house hold and revealed the extendable baton she'd hid beneath her cloak used to shatter two bottles one for each parent.

Daddy Vox was outraged and angered wanting to swing for the lady and indeed doing so which resulted in his face on the floor and arm behind his back.

I come here for many reasons today kind folk, but the first is to raise my disgust in the raising of your family, no child should be expected to be surrounded by such filth. Her clothing stinks of alcohol and with her left to wander the streets with only a bunch of brothers who wish to flee at the sight of danger than engage is distasteful and unloyal. Disgusting behavior for a family." Mommy Vox leapt to her feet to swing a fist which was stopped by the lady's other hand and caught. She twisted mummy Vox's fist bringing her to the floor as well. This is where the weird lady smiled in seeing Vox's brothers getting to their feet. "However it is the perfect behavior for a revolutionary soldier."

This raised confusion among the entire family and as the lady went on further to explain she mentioned how she was a Lieutenant of the Royal Demon Guards. A regiment among the revolutionary army who had been currently blowing through the area one by one as if they were trying to keep themselves hidden and plant seeds throughout. She explained how the thievery side of things would be of great aid and mentioned how Vixon's parents could provide intelligence from the island and if they would allow it the brothers when old enough could enlist and join up as they had the right makings for soldiers.

Vixon wished to join too but was disallowed as Sven & Prudence agreed at least one of their children should remain to continue their family name if her brothers all died. Furious that her brothers would do good and she was to be a simple house wife, Vixon set out to make herself a huge aid to the war, but first she would need to learn.

As time went on and her brothers aged they one by one left to join the revolutionary army and Vixon's parents worked as intelligence officers for the island sending reports to the revolutionary army via carrier pigeon. Vixon on the other hand worked hard and learning navigation. Ships always needed navigators so she would become the best she could. Learning weather patterns, how to read maps and use compasses she really threw herself into her work.

By the age of eighteen she was fully capable of reading maps, using navigational equipment to the best of her ability and predicting weather. She used this ability to aid farmers for a bit of pay for herself instead of relying on her father. As eighteen is when she chose to join the revolutionary army. Held back by her mother for another year as she kept a close eye on her and an even bigger pad lock it was only a short period of time before this ritual grew old and tiresome and Vixon's parents gave in. Watching their last child head into what may be the last job she ever took they waved their good byes with tear filled eyes. Two of her brothers had already lost their lives in the heat of war and she was throwing herself into the same line of work.

Reluctantly taking her on the lady who'd recruited them all and they'd tried to rob initially took Vixon under her wing. She was proud that she'd thrown herself into navigation as it was one of the most important things a person can learn. (At least thats what she thought.) her second important rule was learning to use what you have to the best of your ability. Training Vixon personally and forming a close relationship with her Vixon learned much about how to look after herself along with basic fighting from how to throw a punch to how to take a punch.

Vixon made many friends in her revolutionary army days and over the years she started taking an interest in crafting inventions. Her friend Thompson showed her the turret gun he'd crafted using dials from sky island which were capable of being used as a flame thrown and even launching out air projectiles which could crumble buildings. She loved watching how excited he got explaining things and even how cool the devastating effects were and took it upon herself to craft her own tool.

After a rummage through some scrap she had found a long steel wire and that was it. Keeping it for later she was sent out on her first few jobs which were mainly cleaning up the wrecked town and homes. She discovered how badly these towns had been destroyed by the revolutionary army's actions and it made her question her life choice. Was she really helping or was she hurting. Throughout the scavenge she found a young child trapped in a building and worked tirelessly to free her. Once the young girl was free she brought her into the barracks for safe keeping.

Vixon was scolded for wasting time and bringing a child into a place of such important business. To try and remove the negativity she got to work on trying to invent something with the scraps she'd found and a little help from Thompson. Two days, three hours and forty five minutes later Vixon had crafted her first invention. She slung it on to her hip and decided to name it the Koneko Tsume.

This weapon provided a useful advantage for Vixon allowing her to reach great heights and even become a scout. But in the years she spent working in the revolutionary army she just wanted to save people. Rescue them and help them. She had seen how the army treated people wasn't quite how she'd always dreamt and hoped. She had seen that they treated people like they were in the way.

As she was listed to head into the heat of the battle with her next journey she had come to a decision that she didn't want to be a revolutionary any more. The attitude, the politics and the cause. They weren't for her. Boarding the ship she took it upon herself to lower a life boat in the dead of night and sail out to sea on her own. She'd rather be a deserter than a revolutionary solder. She decided if she couldn't be a revolutionary soldier and was against the Marines that maybe the life of a pirate or a traveler was more for her. Raising the sails and letting the current take her on her merry way the currents carried Vixon off into the great old blue with her compass at her side.


Weather Prediction
Spending many years studying the ocean and reading man books Vixon has gained a keen eye in understanding the patterns of the sky which indicate storms, powerful winds etc. She has become incredible adept at reading the signs and makes herself a useful asset whilst accompanying anyone on a journey as she can see what most cannot ahead of time.

Navigational Prowess
Understanding the currents of the sea and the weather aid in navigation especially to do with the safest routes, but without it Vixon has an exceptional talent when it comes to navigation in which she can quickly see the quickest way to reach her destination and then take into account all that they might encounter on the sea allowing her to give the most efficient way to travel.

Inventive Capabilities
With a growing curiosity Vixon has mastered inventing things and always had a powerful interest in putting together many of her own devices or reusing them in different manors to try and get a different result. Vixon's intrigue with this started at an early age and she has quickly thrown herself into putting bits together only to try and benefit herself more so especially to make travel easier for herself from navigating her way through thick and thin. The Kneko Tsume is still to date the one invention she is most proud of and only one which has stood the test of time as many of her others have fallen apart due to numerous reasons of which the key one seems to be poor choice in solvent.


Weapon: Koneko Tsume

Weapon Description:
The Koneko Tsume is a black tactical baton which reaches two feet in length once extended. There is a small black strap which the user can wrap around their wrist or even connect on to their clothing through belt loops to hang from their clothing. On the tip there is a small silver claw which can be used like a hook. This tip can be removed to reveal a 15 foot retractable steel thread inside allowing the baton to be used similar to a whip when the tip is removed.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Koneko Stretch
The Koneko Tsume has a whip like feature allowing the weapon to extend its reach and be used to even aid in swinging from platform to platform or climbing up walls. The whip like feature is a 15 foot steel thread that is retractable and resides inside the rest of the tactical baton, mainly in the hilt at the bottom coiled up like a snake due to the fact that it is quite long and rather thick.

Steel Thread
Crafted with a steel thread the Koneko Tsume is a very resilient device which has warrior capability to it as the thread cannot just be used to extend one's reach but also for the purposes of combat be it through strangling an opponent to tripping them up without worry of the thread every snapping.

Weapon History:
After a few jobs under the revolutionary army she managed to scavenge a few pieces which she was able to fit together with a little help from her friend Thompson. The device was forged in two days three hours and forty five minutes. Construction was used to take her mind off of the scolding she received for saving an innocent young girl. It also proved she could invent things and make herself a useful individual as the Konko Tsume aided in reaching vantage points elevating her to a scout position before her choice to leave the revolutionary army.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Trained
Character Speed:  Expert
Character Resilience:  Trained
Character Dexterity:  Expert

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities:

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Koneko: Kitten Jab
Snapping her tactical baton out to its full length Vixon jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards her opponent.

Koneko: Kitten Fury
Snapping her tactical baton out to its full length Vixon jabs the clawed tip of the baton towards her opponent numerous times.

Koneko: Kitten Cuffs
Releasing the steel thread Vixon cracks the whip towards her opponent attempting to wrap the thread around her opponent's limb. As soon as it has been wrapped around a limb, Vixon dashes to another side of her opponent attempting to drag the steel thread around another limb or part of their body and continues to do so until her opponent is restrained.

Koneko: Long Kitty Claw
Using the whip to allow range Vixon launches the claw at the end of the Koneko towards her opponent attempting to scratch them.

Koneko: Kitten Cuddle
Launching the thread around her opponent's leg Vixon tugs on the whip attempting to pull her opponent's legs free from under her.

Koneko: Hidden Kitty Playtime
Launching her whip towards an object behind or near her opponent Vixon intentionally misses the opponent and withdraws the whip along with the object towards her opponent to surprise attack them.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty
Launching the claw on to something strong which the claw an either hold on to or having it wrapped around Vixon quickly moves around the area allowing the steel wire to be held behind obstructions. The steel wire acts as a bigger obstruction to the opponent.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty: Black Hammer
Letting go of the baton itself Vixon watches as the baton shoots back towards the claw hitting anything along the way including the opponent or Vixon herself.

Koneko: Elastic Kitty: Bullet Claw
Sending a wave down the steel wire this flicks the claw free and it shoots back towards the baton. Much like Black Hammer it will impact anything it touches along the way. However due to it being a razor sharp claw it will slice through flesh with ease.

Haki: N/A

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Ready for grading

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