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Greetings & welcome to One Piece Memories a place to create memories, make friends & sail the sea. You can take whichever path you choose from a life of justice to a life of piracy and anything in between. Have fun upon the deadly seas that await your arrival.
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Post by SFU Fri Jun 10, 2016 7:57 am

Welcome to Shinobi Fables Untold!

We like to keep a relaxed and open community where you are invited to become a vital part of the amazing storyline we have actively going on the site. We have a system for just about every major aspect of Naruto, and you are free to mold or shape your character's future however you see fit! We cannot wait to see how YOU change the world!

We're set in the past, as in we do not have cannon's, Naruto has yet to be born, even the 1st Hokage isn't around. We welcome you to rewrite the past with us, and make yourself a legend... For Legend's are not born, they are made.

Just a few awesome things about our site:

1. We have systems that enable the creation of all manor of techniques. In addition, our systems allow for a balanced stat system where power is measurable, but is not the final decider in combat!

2. Enable all styles of fighting to flourish because of an exceptional skill system. We have a great tai and gen system that enable these fighting styles to be what they are in the anime and not nerfed to the point of being useless like on other sites.

3. Every clan has a powerful KKG worth having! As well as a story worth being a part of. We have royal clans that rule their nations, and banner clans that are in the same nation as well. Each land is filled with the most legendary and popular KKG made to their fullest potential.

4. Set in AU ancient times where there are custom kingdoms, and much of the world is awaiting discovery and domination! Interactive and unique story plot that is continued by the IC actions of players; and unique and relevant events released by staff regularly. 

5. Encourages and rewards Character Development with unique "Reward System" that enables the purchase of Legendary weapons, stats, skill points, and special perks that are beyond your wildest dreams.

6. Enables Clan pc armies, upgrades and a system that allows for your clan to receive benefits from you misisons and activities! Buy a wall, hospital, temple, training ground -  you name it!

7. Lastly, SFU is a site, more than any other site, that allows for players to work and become all that they have ever dreamed their character to be. We have no bias, our systems are very open to enabling raw power, yet balanced so power is respected; and more than anything we are a warm community that believes in the value of each character's story and the impact they make on the site and other players. 

Are you ready to change the world?

Before you join us, we'd like you to get to know us each.

Noir | The sweet one. Smells like candy and roses all the time. Noir is known for her love towards all, Noir comes up with the codes, minus the skin and application template as that was done by her predecessor Nekobake-Bro. But can be found whinning about how a certain code isn't going the way she wants it. She's very nice once you get to know her.
Motsudo | The Imperial Jashinist from the Abraxas Empire, Motsudo is known for his kindness, as well as his understanding. He can be a bit over the top some days, but is usually cool and collective. Just don't piss him off. He will hunt you down, and he will kill ya with his short sword, Black Mamba.
Everlasting | Everlasting is Mithrandir of the Senju clan, and honourable King of the Senju. Known for his god-like prowess in battle, he is the head of the country as well as the priesthood, fighting daily for the empowerment of his not only his clansmen, but all who live within the boundaries of the Malachandran empire. In his spare time he looks after his rebellious but sweet sister Noir. 
Everlasting is also the Webmaster, and the guy who makes the foundations of the systems etc. and rules. Feel free to contact him anytime if you need a final ruling or understanding on something on the site! Always welcome questions!

Kurotsuchi | Kurotsuchi, other know as Kuro is a fair and just man. He will listen to all your concerns, and try to help you the best he can. Always looking forward to meet new people. He isn't bias over anyone; as none of the staff are. He will always be around to help out, even if he doesn't quite know the answer, he'll work with you to get it.

Promo Code:
Provide the following code on your application for 1,000 free ryo then upon approval another 500.


Subject to one code per player, only valid for new joiners whom have not had a character on the site prior.  Must provide a proof to where you found the Advert on your application to be fully credited. 

We hope to see you join our happy community!

Love your friendly staff at Shinobi Fables | Untold!

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