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Baioretto Falls

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Baioretto Falls Empty Baioretto Falls

Post by Docile Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:00 pm

Baioretto Falls
Created by Deviant

Baioretto Falls 5QL2yYe
Basic Information

    Name: Baioretto Falls

    Location/Geography: Grand Line

    Territory Owner/Ruler: (Formerly) Doctor Sheen & Madam Goose

    Sign/Flag: N/A

    Population: 9,000

Baioretto Falls 5QL2yYe
Advanced Information

Baioretto Falls is a large winter island. The snow which falls has a pink tint to it. It is a circle with a lake which spirals into the center of the island allowing the travellers to get a view of the entire island as they enter. It also makes escape much more difficult. Along the entrance there are large icebergs blocking off sight to the town. Lapahns mostly live on the icebergs watching the new arrivals. Beside the end of the spiral is the town. It is called Pinku. Pinku town has a large variety of bars in fact too many. Every bar has its own special brand of beer. The island has also been said to be home to a notorious criminal who uses the island's sewers. The island's sewers reach all over the town and are left untouched except for when maintenance needs to be done. Atop one of the icebergs over looking new arrivals is a large manor home in which Doctor Sheer & Madam Goose used to reside in. As arrivals enter all along the spiral entrance carved into the iceberg walls there are a series of pictures by the citizens to make their town a more beautiful place. These are the sights that most people come to Baioretto Falls to see and hopefully even leave one of their own behind as there are still many many blank canvasses.

The island used to be under the rule of Doctor Sheen & Madam Goose. Madam Goose being the original ruler of the island married the most accomplished doctor on the island Doctor Sheen shortly after he operated on her son saving his life. The two built up a strong bond and began to rule over the island together as husband & wife. Shortly after their rule began During the night the entire town's riches were stolen. Witnesses claimed it was a man in a gas mask but no such man was found. This theft went on for years till finally it was revealed that there is a person on the island responsible for the theft. Over time these attacks grew worse. Flags of the island were burned and large events interrupted.During the last event which was a grand opening, the man in the gas mask arrived and shot dead both Doctor Sheen & Madam Goose. The citizens expected him to then take the island for himself but instead he vanished shortly after. Days later it was revealed that the man had been an assassin sent to find blueprints for a secret weapon for the World Government and to murder the current rulers for a previous life as pirates. Revealing their bounties to the townsfolk the man with the gas mask returned to the World Government leaving the island in need of a new leader. The thefts and various other crimes committed however were merely accidents of which came about when citizens attempted to try and stop the man in the Gas Mask and he attempted to defend himself.

• Constant Winter

• Rein deers
• Polar Bears
• Seals
• Lapahns
• Hiking Bear
• Penguins

Currently the island has no government and is in the process of figuring out who should be placed in charge

Baioretto Falls 5QL2yYe
Special Information

Pink Snow

The island of Baioretto Falls is constantly covered in snow and almost always snowing but the biggest feature of the island is the colour of the snow as the island has a natrual odd occurrence that it falls from the sky with a tint of pink as opposed to the usual pure white colour. The snow sometimes has a much vibrant tint of pink but most times remains fair.

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Baioretto Falls Empty Re: Baioretto Falls

Post by Fin~ Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:36 pm


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