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Post by Enzeru Shichisei Tue May 26, 2015 12:20 pm

Take a rose for what it is
a colorful flower unfurled to the world
bright vibrance serves many kinds
ones of love, distance, and lost

If love could ever be sweeter than rose
simply paraphrased by the famous writer
To this you look at the petals fragile at best
many stay away from the thorns too

So if love is close to a rose
it is only safe to assume
it has its pin pricks and it's fragile moments
but simply that is all but a test

Like a rose, the true form of love is
to water it and take care of it no matter
the pokes and pin pricks

eventually the petals will fall
but still it will stand in water
love never truly ends
it repeats one after another

So if love is sweeter than a rose
a symbolic image to love, distance and lost
Where truly does one obtain it
simple answer is one pin prick at a time.


For What it Is AgDynW0
Enzeru Shichisei
Enzeru Shichisei

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